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Fixating on weight is a dangerous game...

September 26, 20212 min read

 Fixating on weight is a dangerous game...

It can lead to disordered eating & exercising behaviors, self-judgement, & negative changes to self-esteem.

Last night I did a presentation for @teamfitwithme discussing & covering how to overcome this.

I felt inspired to share some insights here!

Our origin experiences were similar…

Weighing in at middle school gym class, doctors not inquiring about why weight might be changing just making suggestions without forethought, coaches & people around us positively reinforcing/ celebrating or noticing only when the weight has gone down…& maybe even a discussion on generational standards played a role in our views.

What stood out to me was an overall desire to end the fixation on the scale.

I used to go to extremes for it…stopping my last meal super early, sauna only before weigh ins, no sodium and limited water, drinks that make u 💩 , and delaying first meal so my weight might go lower.

Why?! I look back and think how inaccurate of a representation those weigh ins were of the whole picture & how much “weight” I was giving them (especially if I feared a change in my plan I wasn’t mentally prepared for).

When I started paying attention to my execution, health, energy FIRST as well as implementing a pre weigh in ritual (my good ol 5,3,1 method that I’m happy to share with you-it’s in the guide titled “body image graphics” as “take care of yourself before you weigh yourself”) then I noticed my fixation on the scale no longer consumed me.

I know that when I’m starting to focus more on weight it’s probably due to:
- too much reinforcing of the weight change
- too little focus on the other variables which matter more
- not enough time reflecting on my efforts that are more important than anything bc they’ll lead to the result overtime

I have come a long way with how I view it & remain aware of how I’m thinking, talking, & interacting with the scale or about it.

Want to take part in a full workshop on this topic & discuss it with other people in similar boats as you (athletes, competitors)…

Join the on demand mindset coaching platform to be part of our next group call covering this!

Celeste Rains-Turk

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