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Food Freedom Doesn't have to Mean a Free For All

January 24, 20211 min read

Food Freedom Doesn't have to Mean a Free For All

One of my amazing clients Jenna Hart and I were talking about her beliefs & associations with freedom and we were working to modify & redefine them to support her journey.

She eventually came to the conclusion...”Freedom doesn’t have to mean a Free For All” and I remember feeling this intense YESSSS pulse through me as I heard her acknowledge a new truth for herself.


“All in” mentality type changes

Cult-like covenants to uphold as though

You’re not allowed to be fitspo & body positive at the same time

Rapid weight gain

A forgotten gym membership

Loss of all your friends & followers who’ve reinforced how “inspiring” you are more when you’re lean

Or anything else you associate with it


Safer physiological & psychological state for long-term growth

Peaceful mindset around all foods anywhere

Empowering image of yourself as a WHOLE person & in every season

More adherence- more freedom = options = room to choose what you’re naturally inclined to go for = identity you love thrives

Loving & supportive community of others as you inspire them to see it really is possible to do both

Greater connection to your goals & programming as you enhance your why & align with your soul’s core values...

The possibilities really are endless when you allow them to be.

YOU are the only one who dictates your reality.

If you want to change the story you’re writing, you have to be comfortable with a plot twist.

Let’s work together to make new normals & #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY

You deserve peace with food, your body, & your goals.

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Celeste Rains-Turk

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