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Food is Nourishment, Not Punishment

April 16, 20203 min read


We are constantly bombarded with:

  • Photos comparing calories in food to exercises you can do

  • Diets to try or diets people we know are on

  • Weight on the scale being the determining factor in your worth and success

  • Associations and reinforcements of eating less to be smaller and how energy expenditure “works”

  • How if you want to eat something yummy you can only eat it on #cheatday

  • The way you do cardio or exercise being a definer of your commitment levels or your seriousness about fitness

And all these “should” mentalities

  • Should earn your food

  • Should work your food off

  • Should eat less and less if you want to have your desirable body

  • Should be reverse dieting this way or prepping that way or recomping this way

  • Should be weighing yourself

  • Shouldn’t be eating this or that

It’s just all telling us that we have to focus on statistics and our body’s size and shape and weight before we focus on listening to our body, nourishing her, having more reasons to take care of her than to look xyz way or weigh xyz amount

Do not mistake this post for throwing health out the window or not caring about how you feel and look for yourself or your health or whatever else this could be twisted as

I’m saying that the MORE we trust, honor, love, listen to, and care for our body then the MORE she responds to our efforts

If we only focus on changing external factors, it’s easy for internal variables to fall by the wayside

Many people then judge themselves, compare themselves, or even live in a constant state of “never enough” because instead of standards being set on nourishing & trusting the body it is set on numbers and societal driven standards or expectations influenced outside of us instead of from within

You can want to change your body and want to develop a new lifestyle

But the root of this change needs to come from a loving place—otherwise you will find yourself with many more internal battles to overcome

I have girls who come to me saying they “wish” they could just have 1 cookie instead of 20, be able to feel at peace at a party around food, not want to run out of their house everytime they think of the food in the kitchen, trust and even have hunger cues, be able to have an intuitive meal or day without turning it into a free for all, stop emotions from driving their eating, and be able to look in the mirror and be proud or step on the scale for check ins and not instantly disregard themselves as a person, an athlete, a soul!

In order to make this happen, we must work against the patterns which created their current reality

It can be challenging at times and requires a conscious effort

But many of them, like you, have likely been consciously working to satisfy other external standards or expectations or patterns

Trust me, if you created the reality you’re currently living in and not loving or feeling empowered by, then you can create one that you love to live in and feel empowered by

Need support with your relationship with food, your body, and or your goals?

Send me a Message or CLICK HERE to get access to some free resources I’ve made to help or learn about how we can work together to create a new normal for you
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