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Gaining Weight Doesn't Always Mean you Rebounded

June 19, 20192 min read

Gaining Weight Doesn't Always Mean you Rebounded

Not many people know this since I don’t share much bc it doesn’t really matter to me

But I have a feeling this will help someone who needs it

I was 114lbs the day before my last show, I’m now 156lbs apx 10 months later

That’s 42lbs

I didn’t gain a ton of that weight post show, It’s been very gradual

This off-season has really allowed me to build on my shape

It’s helped me become healthier w/ a consistent menstrual cycle for almost 6 months

It’s given me more strength & muscle

It’s freaked me out sometimes too, don’t get me wrong I’m like holy shit I have to lose weight to get back on stage

Then I’m like I don’t really care because I’ve learned more than I could have ever possibly learned without going through all of this, Now my next prep will be even better because my coach & I know / are always learning more about my body

In all honesty the number isn’t a huge concern to me or my coach right now

It was like my body was fighting me regardless & when I surrendered & just controlled what I could she found her place

I’m eating on plan, I’m kicking ass in the gym, I do about 30 min cardio daily which makes me feel good especially because I’m pretty sedentary otherwise, & I am so happy with how I look

I have been this weight in the past but never looked like this

I didn’t have the booty shelf, or a slightly visible glute ham lines, I didn’t have striations in my shoulders or as flat of a stomach as now

The reason I never posted about my “weight gain” is because it’s literally just numbers to me at this point

Weight was the LAST of my worries, I had so many more important things to think about than that

But it’s still a metric & it’s allowing me to share that you can be happy with yourself REGARDLESS of weight

Some will say I rebounded but I didn’t

I did what I had to do when I had to do it, I had minor slip ups but overcame ALL of it & here I am

It’s all good, just part of my journey

Be as consistent as possible, keep the vision in mind, & accept, love, & appreciate yourself & your body along the way, you’ll get ‘there’

It’s not always when you want but it’s all in perfect timing


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