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Give Up or Push Through?

June 11, 20221 min read


When you feel like giving up is when your body is begging you to push through

It’s counterintuitive but our body wants us to challenge ourselves to form new limits so that it can withstand new demands

It feels terrible at the time but then we all know that feeling of busting through the limitation in our mind or our physical body and finding that we ARE capable

We were built to adapt and overcome so we must utilize this to our favor! 

As difficult as it can be to say to ourselves, NO KEEP GOING, it pays off.

Of course, there are times where it is NOT smart to push through say during an injury or illness or otherwise (talk to your coach or doctor about this, not me)

There is no way you can get to the next level without doing things differently

Many people wonder why they’re not where they want to be while they consistently do the same thing

I’ve been guilty of this. But when you’re willing to evaluate your efforts honestly, you might see that just a slight change can make all the difference

Doing something as described in the video may be mainly mental but it’s important

Proving to yourself day after day that you follow through on your intentions and commitments to push yourself is a fantastic way to build confidence, trust, and self-efficacy

Have you tried this? Will you be?

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Celeste Rains-Turk

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