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Give yourself Room to Grow

December 03, 20211 min read

Give yourself Room to Grow

“Talk the talk, walk the walk” daily. Compare your actions to your words, your behaviors to your goals, your efforts to your dreams and patch any misalignment with self-improvement.

Since there is no destination, because we are fueled by each step we take, you will always have more you want to do, accomplish, see, have, give, become…you must always be willing to evaluate for room to grow and execute.

A “steady hand” will be needed for ongoing development so be careful not to fatigue on your growth journey by trying to keep too firm a grip on every move you make.

Many of the most important lessons we need are accessible only in the present which is difficult to live in if we are always seeking control.

Note to self.


Celeste Rains-Turk

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