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Goal Oriented Mindful Eating Considerations

October 08, 20201 min read


Many of the competitors and athletes I work with get stuck in a pattern of only caring about the items listed on the left side of the image but they want and wonder why they don’t have the things on the right

But I always try to reinforce that you can’t expect yourself to have awareness of hunger and fullness cues or the ability to see all food without good or bad labels or be present to emotions if you’re always running on auto pilot with settings calibrated to diet mentality

Keep in mind though, Focusing on improving one doesn’t mean you give up the other—in fact it would support adherence and longevity because of the awareness and mindfulness that would be likely to encourage new considerations and or changes

But you’ll likely neglect one if you only care about and prioritize the other

When you can bring the two into focus together I believe you’ll be more successful and more likely to sustain that success or process you’re committed to long term
We need to eat to live and survive so why not make peace with food and our goals so the two can coexist in a seamless way that is conducive to your longevity?

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me know what your thoughts are on this! Did I leave anything out that you’ve experienced or focus on?


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