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Happy Father's Day!

June 22, 20212 min read


My dad has always been my go to guy since I was little itty bitty. He is so thoughtful and has provided me with support, insight, and love to last a lifetime!

I’m so grateful to have him in my life every day as an example for me. I aspire to be like him in so many ways. I consider myself lucky to have such a close relationship with my dad

Some of my favorite memories with him include weird dancing, him telling me odd stories about a boy when I was growing up only to later realize these were all stories about him and mistakes he made growing up lol!, and our heart to heart conversations

My dad has always encouraged me to go after what I want and do what I love but never at the sacrifice of good solid work

He always helped me through hard times. I recall at a young age him telling me never to judge or be upset with someone for something they can’t control

That was valuable for me at a young age because I’d hear his voice in the back of my head often. And he’s such a role model to me

He taught me and teaches me so much through his actions. I am sad for him and all he’s experiences this past year but also really amazed by how he’s shown up through it all

He often tells me and my sister that we are what he lives for. I’ve never doubted that a moment in my life. I am glad to say I’ve always known I have his unconditional love and support no matter what🥲

Also featuring photos of his dad who I think is amazing and strong and Although his health has declined dramatically, he’s always been such a strong and fun figure in my life that I’m grateful to call my grandpa

Happy Father’s Day dad!!

@graceeeeee3 I’m glad he is our dad and that u r my sister🫂💗

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