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Happy international women’s day ???❤️

March 09, 20232 min read

Happy international women’s day ???❤️

To my Ladies, we are incredibly valuable & powerful!!

Our bodies are magic, our energy is healing, and our beauty is apparent in every way

We have challenged norms, embraced them, changed them, created some, and many of us have found that or work to live life how we wish to as it is more freeing than any narrative or conditioning could be

I’ve struggled throughout times in my life on what it means to be a good woman, a beautiful woman, an intelligent woman, a sexy woman, a funny woman, a driven woman… you name it…

Being so passionate & driven, I’ve questioned if I limit myself by being so independent, I’ve doubted my abilities, & I’ve been insecure about how I look, feel, talk, dress, & even my beliefs

Often times these insecurities come up when part of what I value & love feels threatened or a basic need is at risk or when I fall into an unhealthy thought pattern

But I’ve been celebrated for it all MORE than I’ve been judged for it because we win when we uplift each other🤝👑

I’ve come to find that…

… I feel most free when I’m ME

… the right love will always uplift you in being who you are

… in every moment I question or doubt myself, I am taking away from every experience I’ve had

I am inspired Daily by other women. I’m awestruck by the incomprehensible uniqueness, strength, & resilience the women I know have

While I see this in men too, today is a day to celebrate us!

So when I’ve struggled to see in myself the incredible things I see in other women, I remind myself that we are all connected

I believe women are meant to be forces in this world, so thank you to the women who are forces in mine!

We have risen up against many limiting beliefs, standards, & expectations placed on us & we empower others to do the same

Being woman is a blessing. I love being able to nurture, care for, & receive

I love also to be a go getter with a strong mind & intuition rooted in the knowing that God made me who I am for a reason

When I question my worth I refer to the verses shared on the last image

I hope you find comfort and empowerment in them too and screenshot or share them with a friend who may need the reminder

Happy international women’s day 🌎🫶🏼❤️

Celeste Rains-Turk

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