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What does it mean to you to have a healthy relationship with food?

August 22, 20212 min read

 What does it mean to you to have a healthy relationship with food?

For me it was about being able to enjoy all foods without guilt, not think about food all day every day, be able to have a meal out without binging or coming home to eat myself into the oblivion of shame swearing to make up for it later, come out of preps with focus and flexibility, be In preps with focus and flexibility so that the transitions from season to season are smooth and sustainable for me, being able to make choices on the go without a scale and trusting my body, have refeed meals or vacations without making it all about food, equating every food decision to the size of my body or how “good” I am….I could go on but I’ll leave it at this.

A healthy relationship with food for me was about freedom.

Not leaving my goals behind to be successful In competing but rather finding a way to sustain my efforts so I can improve year after year without negative feelings or resentment or feeling of of control.

It wasn’t about saying screw my goals or discipline or my intense focus as an athlete. It was about channeling it so I could make the most of it.

A healthy relationship with food is one that you can function and live with. It’s not all about diagnostic criteria or perfect definitions outlined on anti-diet culture accounts.

Truthfully, you can paint your ideal relationship with food but it might morph and change across time, just as you will, your body will, and everything does.

Focus on how you want your relationship with food to support you as an athlete and in any other life role you have such as coach or teacher or nurse or mom, etc.

So, what is it for you?

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