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Healing Food Relationships without Sacrificing Athletic Goals

January 18, 20212 min read


I’m frequently asked if my food relationship healing & discovery coaching program can be done while following a prep diet, off season plan, or even gut health protocols.

The answer is YES.

I absolutely do NOT believe you need to give up your goals as a competitor or athlete or any physique goal in general to achieve peace with food & your body.

In fact, I’d argue with plenty of client stories to back it up that following my PTG process while on a plan will not just lead to greater adherence but more sustainability long term.

You do not have to give up your meal plan, macros, or any work you are doing with your coach to follow this program.

I created this with competitors in mind which means, I will not be stepping on you or your coach's toes.

I may make suggestions based on my expertise & experience, but I will never ‘require’ you to change anything about your meal plan or macros, that is up to your coach and you.

Just like I wouldn’t want a coach to do my job in supporting competitors with their mental health using psychology & personal development, I won’t be trying to do their job.

I go beyond surface level because it isn't so much about the food as it is why you are eating it or feeling the way you do about it.

In extreme cases, I may recommend you get in touch with a new coach or nutrition professional or discuss other possible approaches but most of the times it goes as Fran has described here!

I’m a competitor, I am an athlete, I invest in my coaching and plans and I take pride in following it.

I would not expect any different from the athletes I work with every day or from you
Don’t wait until after your prep, your off season, or your time with your coach
MAKE THE MOST of your commitments by addressing the darkness keeping you from optimal results.

Mental health is the prerequisite to sustainable & enjoyable long term results
This athlete is KILLING it still & I LOVE seeing her share her journey of aligning inner work with physical results.

To learn more about my program & apply please visit: now. 

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