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A Healthy Mind is the Prerequisite to Longevity in Fitness

March 27, 20213 min read


Can you travel without going crazy on food? Can you trust yourself to be able to enjoy your experiences without ruining them with an uncomfortably full stomach, head full of regret, and this nagging voice telling you how much you messed up again?

Can you go to a restaurant or food market and say 'I want this, so I will have it' and not feel the need to go crazy on food the rest of the night or restrict all the next day? It may sound impossible to you. Especially if you have always dieted or been in prep or reverse dieting or focused on making food meet macros or meal plans or numbers or used for changing your body.

Hyper fixation on how food impacts your body usually comes from the in depth calculation, science, and true art of building an incredible physique. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, humans thrive off of routine!

I have never believed that anyone should have to give up routine to find freedom, I think quite the opposite. As a competitor myself, I find I can resonate and understand my clients on a deeper level.

I don't just apply the psychology, mental health professional tools, or coaching, counseling, and mentorship techniques...I truly honor athletes for being athletes! But the reason I ask if you can trust yourself around food is because if you cannot, then your longevity as an athlete will be shortened.

This may ruffle some feathers but many people who quit bodybuilding struggled with food or their body image. This is not to say it cannot be triggering for many, it can be! And some people really should take a break to reevaluate their intentions/reasons.

But, it doesn't deserve to be constantly demonized! If you compete, your mindset, your relationship with food and your body, all need to be a priority. 

My job is to support you in developing a healthy relationship with your goals, your body, and food.

If you cannot even enjoy a nice meal out, or a fun experience like your first cannoli (hello, yes that was my first!), or a simple BITE of food without it turning into a free for all then we have a LOT of work to do. It is not just a mental health concern, but it's a threat to your potential.

Athletes that succeed are the athletes that can play the long game. The more games you play, the more chances you have to win. But if you are not playing the game to win or to play again then what are you really doing?

I started my Food Relationship Healing and Discovery coaching Program because I wanted competitors like you to know that you can learn to trust yourself and still reach your goals (if not even surpass them with the increase in trust).

I don't tell you what to eat or how to eat or what you should and shouldn't eat (unless there are major red flags) because this is your physique coaches job!

I focus on what’s happening within you, your past, your environment so we can BUILD MORE THAN JUST A BODY

I am humbled to say hundreds of competitors have trusted me in their journey. You can see tons of their stories, learn about the program, and apply to work with me at: now

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