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Honoring the Beauty in Each Moment

February 01, 20211 min read


I’ve always thought saying “life is short” was strange considering it’s truly the longest thing we will all ever personally know.

I think what makes us feel life is scarce is that really beautiful moments seem to be over in a blink while challenging times sometimes feel like ages.

This is an evolutionary gift that keeps us safe in that we fixate on negativity and feel it at least 75% more intensely than positives in an effort to prepare ourselves to avoid the pain in the future or to evolve for future generations.

Accentuating the positives that are co-occurring with negatives is much harder than it looks because it’s practically against our nature to do so.

But if we can do our best to practice presence through gratitude, mindfulness, listening, and embracing what is as it is by honoring the depth and beauty of each moment—then we may feel as though time is slowing down and life is expanding.

I have come to find that all the best moments of my life, have been the ones I’m forced to be entirely present for, even when they are challenging.

I like to use my time on stage as an anchor to what presence feels like. It’s euphoric because you’re there but you are in such an elevated state, it’s arguably vulnerable to a degree.

I think it’s moments like this, that go by in the blink of an eye but also feel incredibly freeing, that take us out of rumination or action based around the inevitability of death and instead immerse us into what it means to truly be alive.

What do you think?


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