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How do you want to feel in your body?

December 23, 20212 min read


What are you doing now that the old, potentially soon to be gone, version of you would not be proud of or may even wish they didn’t spend so much time on?

1 thing for me is criticism of my body (not to be confused with pursuit of improvement with positive & focused intention)

I used to wish my legs were smaller, stomach was flatter, arms weren’t as big, butt had more definition into legs & on & on…

I feel bad for the younger version of myself who started dieting at such a young age, who judged her amazing legs, hid her stomach if it wasn’t starved for x hours, and didn’t participate in events due to self-consciousness with body & concern about food.

If I could go back in time, would I change it? Probably not given what it taught me. But if I can use this to help others, I will!

Something that helps me on not so great body image days is to recognize that my body unconditionally loves me and was built to keep me alive and sustain me no matter what the circumstance or variables.

I find that it is easier to go from judgment to recognition than it is to go from judgment straight to love.

Once I get to the state of gratitude for my body I can usually recognize the actions I take to support her and then I can start to see how amazing and beautiful my body is because of all we have been through together.

I have learned to appreciate, accentuate, & embrace curves rather than hide them.

I choose to see myself as powerful, strong, and persistent regardless of my body’s shape or size (which is ever evolving and changing, especially in bodybuilding) and I provide proof that this is true!

Loving my body comes not just from how I see myself but how I treat & perceive myself

I think of all the amazing things my body allows me to do and experience

Sometimes throwing on an outfit (like this dress for instance) or listening to empowering music that makes you feel sexy can help boost your confidence too!

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
What do you want to believe about your body?
How do you want to feel in your body?

Now what is 1 thing you could change to support you in achieving this reality?

Would love to hear all your answers 😍

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