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How Healing Her Relationship with Food Helped Christine Feel Hopeful for Her Future in All Areas of Her Life

June 04, 20203 min read

Before Christine became a bikini competitor, she was an equestrian and grew up with a history of body obsession and food related distortions.

In this video, Christine vulnerably shares her history with Anorexia, Weight loss and weight gain, going to an Outpatient Therapy center when she was in college because her mom wanted her to, and how she didn't take her health seriously until one day she couldn't ignore the negative tendencies anymore.

Christine opens up about how stress, sadness, and grieving the loss of her best friend started bringing up her negative relationship with food and the harmful behaviors associated with a lifetime of ignoring the problem.

Christine talks about how she got into bodybuilding, found my 'Confessions of a Bikini Pro' Podcast and constantly contemplated the idea of working with me to improve her relationship with food and her body.

At a wedding though, she found herself feeling super anxious and overly focused on the food that she couldn't truly enjoy herself there in the present moment. The spiraling behaviors continued and when she talked to her coach, she expressed and knew that she had to be in a good mental space to have the most successful prep she could have and be the best athlete she could be.

When Christine signed up to work with me in my Food Relationship Healing & Discovery Program, we identified her triggers, association patterns, and where her 'out of control' feelings led her to avoid living.

She now can go out with her boyfriend without obsessing over the food like she found herself doing at the wedding which showed her she needed to take action for herself. She says she can enjoy food without the guilt, shame, and worry that used to always come with it.

Christine talks about how terrifying it was to admit she needed help but that she is so glad she did because she says 'I just feel like my future has a lot more in it now because the cycle of binge, hide, restrict, shame, guilt is exhausting...'.

Christine reached out to me a few weeks after completing the program, when COVID-19 lockdown began actually, and expressed how grateful she was to be able to sit at home, surrounded by food all day, and not be stressed, anxious, or feeling like she was going to lose control at any moment. She shares how amazing it feels to finally have something she has never had in her whole life-food freedom.

I hope you love watching this video, hearing her experience, and truly know that if you can relate, you can also get through this! Christine stepped up for herself and said 'I need help' and now she can confidently move in the direction of her goals as a woman, doctor, competitor, and anything else she chooses to become or pursue.

I am so grateful I could be part of her journey and help to facilitate such an amazing to witness internal transformation, healing, and growth. Christine truly went all in on this program and was such an incredible client to work with because of her dedication and commitment to finally resolving and working through this.

If you are feeling the nudge to get the help you need and make peace with food so you can end the distracting, detrimental, and draining obsession of what you will eat, how you eat, guilt, shame, frustration, parties, having food around, triggers and all other negative beliefs, behaviors, and patterns; I invite you to learn more about and apply for my Food Relationship Healing & Discovery Program now. Just tap on the button below to visit the information page now.

Celeste Rains-Turk

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