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How it Started versus How it's Going

September 30, 20222 min read


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If you wait until you look “the part” you may never be “good enough”. I’ve seen it countless times…people saying they aren’t going to compete until xyz or always talking about how they’re going to compete but never actually do

I tend to think putting off the goal is an indication of a few things. Maybe lack of confidence, lack of respect for the process / journey, or fear of what might change in life if you do fully commit to a big goal (resistance)

It’s easier to keep saying “once I ___ then I’ll ___” than it is to say “I am not the best yet but I’m willing to do this now so I can see what it takes to get better”

The first statement perpetuates a belief that you must be perfect or the best but no one at the top got there by waiting

The second statement acknowledges that you’re not comparable to someone else who is at the top but you couldn’t expect to be if you never even attempt to play the game

One of my favorite quotes, “the fool precedes the master”, really hammers this point home. In order to master something or be the best, be courageous enough to face failure or the possibility of not meeting the standard

That’s not to say you should go into it without bringing the best you can with what you know & have now, though

I say it can also be a lack of respect because if you cannot see that someone who is winning & representing what it means to be a champion or to be successful in something you’re pursuing had to earn that & had to fail, learn, grow and lose…then you don’t deserve it anyway

When you decide to do something & detach from the outcome, you gain insight from the process

If you fixate solely on the outcome or what you think happens when you get there, you hold yourself back from the greatness that is forged in the grind

A champion knows:

1. They want it so bad that the risk of failure is worth the potential for success

2. Regardless of the outcome, they’d still execute on the daily disciplines required

3. To hold & defend a title, you have to enter the ring


Celeste Rains-Turk

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