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How Kristin Overcame Binge Eating & Developed an Effortlessly Healthy Relationship with Food

February 23, 20203 min read

Kristin's story is so special to me because it is so relatable for many women, competitors and non-competitors alike.

​I can remember when Kristin reached out to me she asked me if I thought she was a lost cause since she felt like she was. After years of dealing with disordered eating, she thought that had to be her reality forever...

She spent the majority of her adult life yo-yo dieting, subscribing to unhealthy forms of bringing her weight down which would only lead her to go into uncontrollable binge cycles.

Kristin shares in this video how despite having some understanding as to why her restriction was working against her, she didn't know how to overcome her disordered thinking or eating.

When she began competing, it helped her a lot but it felt like a band-aid to her and she wanted to get to the root of it to finally change her life for good.

Kristin joined my On-Demand Mindset Coaching Platform and had reached out about her log-in info when I felt inspired to check in on her.

She expresses how she felt like a "cell-phone without a case", fragile and could break at any given moment. She explained what was going on for her and I knew my program would be an amazing fit for her.

Her hesitation to believe that it could really work and change her reality was overcome by the desire to experience true freedom.

In the video she talks about my process and the many questions I have my clients answer before we even start any of the rituals or reflections within the program or even hop on a coaching call.

I formulated this program and my signature PTG process specifically to increase awareness, mindfulness, and begin integrating new neural pathways while challenging and changing old ones.

By day one, as Kristin puts it 'everything clicked' for her. I remember her first check in with me (we have them daily in this program) she was shocked.

After a few days of this I could sense there was some anxiety about this being fleeting so I guided her through this mental shift which really came down to her identity as a person and as a competitor as well.

She finally felt like it was her real life, not a band-aid fix, and that it could be effortless to have a healthy relationship with food. Four weeks after the program she recorded this video having had no more binges, no struggles with food, no fear of indulging, no worries about enjoying herself--nothing, just a new ''Effortless'' reality.

Kristin is a powerful example that you CAN 'change your life' as she proclaims in the video, and that if you are struggling with food, there is a solution for you, no matter how much you have tried or how much of a lost cause you feel like you are, you can get through it.

Reach out for help, it is okay, and ''it's so important to do for yourself, it is such a small investment to feeling like you have the freedom with food, it is effortless, it is life changing''. 

If you are interested in working together within the program Kristin has reviewed please visit my FOOD RELATIONSHIP HEALING AND DISCOVERY PROGRAM Page and apply to work with me:

will reach out to you within 24 hours after going through your application and will further discuss your situation to make sure I can help you.

If I can, we will move forward and begin your journey to peace with food. If I can't, I will try to point you in another direction. 

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