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How Limiting Beliefs are Limiting your Commitment to Better Behaviors

August 10, 20202 min read


What you believe about yourself will influence your actions

With change, comes some resistance

If you can find where the resistance is & work through it, change becomes much easier!

Lots of times, people fill their heads with doubt, shame, guilt, & ridicule that there is no space for growth, acknowledgement, celebration, or consistency

But that won’t inspire you to actually care for yourself

You can’t expect yourself to achieve new & better results if your head space is stuck in old & limiting belief patterns

“I’m fat” doesn’t exactly inspire healthy behavior but “I am a person committed to my health & peace of mind” is more likely to

“I’m not as good as her” doesn’t inspire you to push yourself as much as “I am an athlete who commits to doing my best & celebrating the limits I break”

“I always end up falling off track” doesn’t address the problem of the track you’re on the way “I am determined to find the best, most sustainable action plan for me even if it looks different than what others have promoted because I deserve the results I desire long term” could

Do you see where I am going with this?

Just think of people in your life who demean themselves & then they consistently take action to confirm that demeaning language

The same goes for you!

Here are some journal/thought prompts to consider for shifting this:

What language am I using with & about myself that I consciously & unconsciously reinforce with actions aligned to it?

What do I have to believe about myself in order to take actions more aligned with my ideal result?

What beliefs do I need to dig into & let go of in order to embody the identity that serves my growth & desired life?

If I were to suddenly achieve the results I say I want, what would suffer or what would be lost from my life now that I don’t actually want to give up?

(THIS IS A BIG ONE!-love guiding my clients through big breakthroughs around resistance like this)

Want some more ideas to develop self-serving thought & action patterns?

Visit: to download a free digital card deck I made with more thought provoking questions, I am statements, & action prompts!

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