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How Mindful Eating and Consciously Nourishing Your Body is an Act of Self-Love

April 27, 20202 min read


Consciously choosing what you fuel yourself with sends the signal to your body that you have her best interest at heart!

This doesn’t mean you restrict all the processed sugars & forbid yourself from times of the day to eat, macronutrient groups, or foods as a whole

It just means when you choose to eat, turn autopilot mode OFF & consciousness ON

Tune into your body to really connect with her almost as though she is another entity altogether

  • “Hi body, are you really hungry?”

  • “Hi body, what are you actually craving?”

  • “Did that choice make you feel energized?”

  • “Thank you for transporting nutrients to every cell for us”

  • “I love feeding you variety so that you never feel restricted & our friend brain doesn’t hijack us into fixation & irresistible feeling urges”

  • “I am so grateful for you helping me recover, did you know this food helps with__?”

  • “I’m doing my best to be at peace with all foods so you can digest them! Thank you for your patience, I know me & brain don’t always succeed in our efforts but we‘re working at it!”

  • “That was satisfying huh!?”

  • “I‘m sorry I waited too long to feed you then overate, I’m learning to listen more”

  • “I am so appreciative of you supporting me in my goals even when it means you’re not given all the TLC you need”

  • “Thanks for rewarding my efforts with your strong responses!”

CHANGE THE CONVERSATION you have with your body about food & the choices you make for her will begin to change too!

The next diet or plan may work, but in the long run, it’s between you & your body; info that numbers, macros, scales, & plans can’t tell you

As a competitor myself, I am very diligent with my nutrition & follow a plan

But I no longer fear food, binge, punish myself, or over restrict

I nourish myself because I love my body

I eat the way I eat because I honor my goals enough to do so

I remain conscious in my choices because my body deserves that, even when “I know what works best for me” because I believe there’s always more to learn

I set intentions for meals, consider my decisions, & reflect on my choices because just following a plan isn’t good enough for me

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