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How Present Moment Awareness Supports Your Relationship with Food

November 21, 20202 min read


Focusing on the present moment has been shown to decrease negative cognition that comes from depression & has further been tested & shown to act as a buffer between negative affect & binge eating & other dysfunctional behaviors (Jo & Yang, 2019)

When we’re present in the moment we’re more mindful, considerate, engaged, & focused on what IS versus what may be, what was, or what has been

There is substantial evidence suggesting the positive role mindfulness based eating practices & therapies has on an individual which is one of the reasons why I apply this in my food relationship coaching program

If you feel out of control, lost, anxious, sad, nervous, or overcome with any other emotion & turn to food it may just be because of a very strong cognitive fusion (aka association) between food & resolving the emotion

For me personally, this reminder is what I used starting in my last improvement season & it has continued to keep me grounded

It came from my belief that when I am present, I make the best decisions for myself—which I had evidence from my experiences to support

When working with my clients I like to focus on their strengths, lessons learned from past experiences, current choices, values, & associations so that we can move forward without dwelling & instead with more implementation

Rather than remaining in a “stuck” energy I believe in moving the ball forward by capitalizing on each persons unique needs, circumstances, & abilities

If you’re struggling, a myriad of factors & variables are likely working together to cause the presenting issues that just need to be unwound, rewound, & reinforced

It’s amazing how the result of changing 1 variable in the situation can have a snowball effect on others—this further reinforces the importance of taking it one meal, breath, rep, & day at a time

Want to learn more about how we can work together in your relationship with food, your body, & your goals?

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