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How Self-Discovery & Mindfulness Brought this Competitor Peace with Herself and Food

July 30, 20201 min read

Before starting this program Natalia was struggling with emotional eating and self identity after doing a bikini competition.

One side of her wanted to go off plan, eat with loved ones, and not care about macros or calories anymore while the other side of her wanted to stay on point with her plan.

Working in the program she was able to realize what was important to her, how she could enjoy the best of both worlds, and ways she could further align with her ideal self.

She was done with feeling guilty and ashamed of her choices and found that during and after this program she was able to identity where the desire to go off plan was coming from and how she could combat the urge to self-sabotage without completely restricting herself from enjoying time with loved ones.

She shares how she felt about her experience in my food relationship program and how beneficial it was for her to come to terms with her true desires and needs as it pertains to this lifestyle so she could start seeing even greater success with peace of mind.

Natalia says it was not just about improving her relationship with food but also with herself which was huge for her and hopes others feel inspired to take the leap of faith to find this peace for themselves too :)

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