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How Stopping my Body Checking Helped me Make Peace with the Scale and How I Looked

May 19, 20202 min read


What I would do when I would find myself getting too caught up in what the scale said or how my body looked

I would set out to only weigh myself for check-ins and only looked at my body at check-in photos or when I was getting ready to shower or getting ready to go somewhere

I would not do any body checking!!!

Meaning, no more lifting up my shirt every time I passed the mirror or checking my butt in my pants even with a side eye glimpse

This was really freeing for me and allowed me to just have gratitude for my body and the commitments I made to myself and my goals

It helped me learn to be proud of my effort & lifestyle more than the result

This lesson reinforced the power of the process and the enjoyment in it

Of course this helped with my body image because I wasn’t bodychecking constantly and creating strong associations between what I ate or what I did with the way my body looked

I also wasn’t then creating associations with the scale that said “well that is going to determine if what I did was enough”
Instead, I started to see I was enough already

I was worthy and deserving of my commitment to myself and to the process. Plus, I really loved it

I was less concerned about the outcome because I could trust that it would eventually come given my sincere dedication to and appreciation for the process

It made every physical result so much sweeter because I wasn’t so attached to it

Sometimes I will use this process with myself even to this day if those patterns begin to resurface

It is all about being self-aware and conscious enough to get ahead of it

Let me know if you try this and how it helps you!

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