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How this Competitor had her BEST Prep Ever with full Focus, Adherence, and No Post-Show Binging

December 11, 20202 min read

This past weekend I was so excited to see my past client, and valued part of my Build More than Just a Body community, compete again!

Back in February Jess and I worked together on her relationship with food in my 5 Week Food Relationship Healing and Discovery 1:1 Coaching Program

Then just a few days after her show she sent me this video and it totally made my day because she is such a powerful example of what prioritizing inner work and healing can do for cultivating a more successful commitment and drive in all future preps and improvement seasons.

She just went through her best prep ever which she says would not have been possible without having worked on her relationship with food at the beginning of the year. (she had previously shared her experience in another video you can see here:

her most recent show she was not over fixated on the food, she found satisfaction without binging, and instinctively was going through the habits we set in place from the beginning of the year.

Rather than stuffing herself at a brunch or shoving sugary treats down her throat the moment she got off stage, she was able to use the mindfulness based practices and habits we focused on creating and reinforcing to honor her journey, her body, and her goals.

Her natural behavior and thought process with food now is so different than her past experiences post show.

Jess shares that she knows how to stop herself now, check in, observe her thoughts, and really consider how she will feel about her decisions whereas before a free-for all, regret, more restriction, guilt, and shame were more normal for her.

When Jess first started my program she had been struggling with the all or nothing mentality kicking her butt post show and now she has been able to continue her positive habits from the food relationship healing program into and through her prep without cheating, sacrificing her sanity, or feeling like she let herself down.

Her prep was not only the most successful but also the most nourishing as she mentions recognizing her needs and feeling connected to her choices which is a major focus we had when we started working together

Jess encourages you to take the leap of faith and do this program too if you are struggling because it helped her after her last show, into this prep, and now with continued goals from here.

She says is one of the most freeing things she has ever felt to not have any worry or concern about post-show anymore

I am SOOO happy for her and excited for her continued success and hope to celebrate yours one day too!

If you would like to learn more about the program she is referring to and apply please visit:

Celeste Rains-Turk

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