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How to Be Okay with Shopping for a Bigger Size

October 19, 20194 min read

How to Be Okay with Shopping for a Bigger Size

Having a 'White Chicks' Movie Scene Moment? Feeling like Cellulite Sally and Tina the Talking Tummy Won't Cut You a Break?

I’ve had women express to me how it’s hard to go shopping knowing they are going to be a “bigger” size than they want to be / were

And yet, all their cute clothes don’t fit right now because they’re “too small” for them right now

So then you go through this weird limbo state of squeezing yourself into clothes you have or wearing only the baggier outfits that fit

All because;

1. You don’t want to spend money on new clothing when you’re ‘going to drop weight again’

2. You are afraid to go up in sizes

3. You ‘should’ be smaller

First of all, your size doesn’t mean anything. It’s arbitrary. A small here could be a large there

A one size fits all might look different on you than someone else who would’ve bought the “same” size if there was one

You’re body is always going to be changing. I’ve bought more than one size of the same sports bra knowing this before

I didn’t care that the small one didn’t fit my lats now because I had the medium which felt WAY more comfortable

Which brings me to the next point, you deserve to be comfortable in your clothing!!

You shouldn’t have to be tugging or stretching or pulling constantly

Of course this doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe, especially if you are dropping or gaining weight, but at least get some pieces your comfy in

Your body is your vehicle through this life and deserves to be dressed for optimal function, movement, and experiences

Third, I know for me as a competitor I have a “prep” drawer for clothing I really only fit in at the end of prep

But I don’t beat myself up for not fitting in it three months deep into an improvement season, that would be unrealistic if I’m trying to grow or if I put on more size

Of course, then that’s where we have to ask ourselves; “why does the size of my clothing bother me so much anyways?”

What does being “bigger” have to do with me being happy and confident?
What does being “smaller” have to do with that either??
Why does my size have any influence over any of this at all?

Asking yourself these questions helps you to get to the root of the fear or shame around size

Also, What matters to you more? Squeezing into a size 4 or comfortably bending down in your pants without worrying about busting a seam?

Lol, I’ve done both for sure

Can we just take a moment to notice that no one is pulling at your shirt or pants to peep the size you’re wearing?

Which brings me back to, why does the size bother YOU so much?

If being a size XXL bothers you, imagine how much you’ll be bothered when you’re “still an XL and want to be an XS” and then even that won’t be enough

Walking into stores squeezing yourself into sizes you “should” be or “have been” and then getting even more upset and justifying your negative thinking with “see I knew I was fat!!!” Is a recipe for disaster

Not only will you not find any clothing you like on your body but you’ll continue attaching size to losing your peace of mind


I remind myself they are all different therefore I grab all the sizes off the rack that look like they could fit and I try on the biggest one I grabbed first because I don’t want to bother squeezing into anything and hurting my shoulders or breaking a finger or worse ripping the clothes haha!

So I start big and work my way down until it’s justtttt right. And I don’t stare at the size telling myself “wow an extra large really???” Instead I Just say cool I gotta remember that for this brand because I like how it feels

I hope this helps you or someone you know!

Have you ever struggled with this? I never personally did as much as I’ve heard others or clients struggle with it

I have always found if we can challenge our belief systems and the automatic behaviors that couple with them, then we can experience a shift!

Happy Saturday 😊🥰🌟

Celeste Rains-Turk

p.s. don't name your body fat like the girl in White Chicks, try naming the demon in your head that's convincing you you aren't good enough because of it instead ;)

Celeste Rains-Turk

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