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How to Beat Overwhelm

November 11, 20211 min read

How to Beat Overwhelm

When I feel overwhelmed by tasks or to-do lists, goals, or projects, there are a few things I do. Aside from putting my phone in another room, racing the clock to see how much I can get done, and considering the benefits and risks of doing or not doing the task...I also use this framework.

I take the project I need to do and write it down along with it's 'due' date...

Then I write down all the subtasks of that project (or goal).

After that I identify how much time each task will take me and write it next to the task.

I then add up all the time and see if it is truly possible to complete it by the due date.

I do this by seeing where each task fits into my calendar according to the time it will take.

If it doesn't fit, I see where I can move other commitments that might not be a priority.

If I cannot, then I adjust the due date or I get help and delegate (if appropriate to do so).

By doing this, we take the overwhelm out of our head and onto paper so it becomes a tangible project rather than something looming and always whispering 'you need to get me done' all the time.

Try this out! Let me know if it helps :)

Do you have any tips you want to share? I think it’s helpful to hear from others!

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