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How You Can Use Your Mind to Better Support Your Body

October 31, 20202 min read


Your body has automatic systems in place to keep you alive. No matter what you do, your body serves to function for you & optimize your human experience

Loving your body is a way to love yourself

When you make peace with her and speak lovingly to her she can be at ease which supports her in her automatic processes

Your parasympathetic nervous system is one of these autonomic systems

It can be influenced by your thoughts about things happening around you, things you choose to do, and your perception

Reinforcing that your thoughts, beliefs, and words all influence the way your body serves you

Living in fear can promote a survival or preservation mode response—stressful
The body is so complex; all of us are sooo complex

But what if you could make your life just a little bit easier by providing support to the vessel that carries you?

Not just through exercise or nutrition but also in coping mechanisms, thought patterns, and inner healing

We cannot solely rely on or blame our body for her automatic responses like an elevated heart rate, butterflies, an urge to vomit, tight chest, or stiff muscles

Changing how we talk about, look at, connect with, and nourish ourselves on every level can go along way

It is not fair to expect more from your body if you’re not giving her what she needs or supporting her in finding other pathways or responses

You may be a product of genetics, parenting, socioeconomics, trauma, culture...but you are also a product of your own choices, behaviors, habits, and beliefs

If you want to change your outcomes and results, change the inputs

Having a partnership with your body built on communication, trust, collaboration, and encouragement can go so much further than only focusing on one facet of yourself or your life


Not sure where to start?

I have a free 18 ways to love yourself printable on my site, a personal development prompt card deck (built for competitors but broadly applicable), and a self-help book that serves as a guided journal

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