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How You Speak About Your Body Post-Show Will Influence Your Results

September 26, 20202 min read

How You Speak About Your Body Post-Show Will Influence Your Results

Body image post show can be tricky

When you look in the mirror you’re still searching for new lines or changes but the reality is that it’s time to grow

Of course, not too fast, and not too slow

But with perfect timing & execution

You are caught between new standards & expectations for the improvement season while still comparing yourself to the prep version of you

Maybe you haven’t been “perfect” or “to plan” the way you had intended to be

So when you see yourself in the mirror you start to seek out more imperfections to confirm that you “messed up” or you seek similarities to confirm that it’s “okay” & you can “xyz more because it’s improvement season now”

But truthfully you just want to feel at peace with your decisions & that inconsistency between your intention & your action starts to weigh heavy on you leaving you with guilt, shame, & even hopelessness

Here’s the thing though, if you look in the mirror & focus on negatives or pick yourself apart you’re going to be more likely to take self-sabotaging actions

That “f it I screwed up already” mentality takes over & soon enough you’re even further into negative behavior & thought patterns

For perspective, you may be inspired to keep going when you see positive changes as a result of positive efforts

Similarly, when you don’t take actions aligned with your goals & you see that reflected on your body in the mirror you’ll likely feel negative emotions

Even if your body hasn’t truly changed that much, negative associations from your choices & body’s response tend to form

You may have bloating from the reincorporation of more food, water, sodium etc but when you see yourself you feel like you’ve completely messed up so ‘why bother?!’
When coming out of a show disconnects between who we are now & how we think we should be begin to reveal themselves

Try these two things to start:

1. Evaluate current expectations & standards that are unfair for your new season

2. Write down new commitments to yourself that align with how you want to feel about yourself

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