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Hunger Explained

June 30, 20201 min read


Hunger is complex—like pretty much every individual human experience
But understanding it can help us to make it more tangible and place less pressure or judgment on ourselves when we experience it!
Sometimes knowing the reason for our hunger helps put us at ease and know we aren’t crazy👀

It’s important to note that the reasons shared in this info graphic are not the only possible answers nor are the examples the only possible way they can manifest

It’s also important to understand that hunger is not a bad thing

It’s a natural & necessary function of the human body that keeps us alive
But that’s also where things can get tricky (swipe to see what I mean)

In making this I wanted to keep it simple and relatable so as to help the most amount of people
But if you’re really looking to improve your relationship to food, the connection you have to your body’s needs and cues, as well as even gain a normal communication pattern back with your body
To learn about my Food Relationship Healing & Discovery 1:1 Coaching program or just visit

Two through each image, save, and if it really hits home, share with someone else who might benefit!❤️💆🏻‍♀️👑🧠

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