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I Always Knew What I could Become!

November 01, 20222 min read

🥹😭 go girl

I know the trend is to say we didn’t expect it or “wait i did it” but i always knew…ALWAYS!

To me, I never imagined a life where I wasn’t doing what I love & making an impact

Little me always wanted to run her own business doing this. I went through a “business attire” phase (cue second pic in the video lol) when I was starting my interior design business at 9 years old because I wanted to look & feel professional & not seem too young 🥹🤣

I remember feeling from an even earlier age that I could do anything I wanted to do. I really pursued that relentlessly from the moment I knew what “work” even was

From having my dad take videos of me giving tips on design or organization or cleaning for his YouTube channel (he always believed in me & still does & always thought I’d make a great host of some sort, funny how that evolved too), to giving my parents a business contract to sign regarding their payment for my organization service, & even asking at every birthday & holiday for things like website domains, web builder subscriptions, courses…

I did that from age 9 to around 2015 (age 18) when I had officially launched my online fitness business (which has since evolved as you all can see into the mental health work, writing, podcasting, speaking, coaching for teams as their mindset mentor, partnerships…etc)

It’s really wild when I reflect I can see that I am a product of many things…genetics, environment, & my own determination

The power of telling a child they can go after it, instilling belief, fostering responsibility (my parents made sure I would earn everything & even as I continue my business today my dad always says “make sure you’re giving these people an amazing service”), & providing opportunity to grow, learn, fail…

I watched both my parents run successful businesses & provide for my sister & I which I believe also impacted my view on independence & life building

My # 1 fan is my older sister & my friends are incredibly supportive & uplifting

I invest in myself & my biz because it’s everything I dream of

I talk more about my past as well as recent vulnerabilities on the latest episode of @perspectiveshiftnow podcast HERE!

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