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I Love this Sport!

June 27, 20222 min read


@dennisjamesclassic was an amazing show!

I feel so incredibly fulfilled after this weekend!

The absolute best part was the genuinely incredible connection I had with so many of the amazing athletes and my friends.

The support I felt was overwhelming and every intention I set as far as fulfillment in heart was met.

I left feeling so much gratitude and excitement. I felt like I could go to bed knowing my why has been and is consistently fulfilled.

As far as How I did, I’m proud of the improvements made in a short period of time.

I couldn’t be more grateful for my coach @seeyoulaterleaner who was there for me day in and day out, supportive, thoughtful, deliberate in every decision with educational insight, and so on top of his game.
Not to mention passionate and genuine... I know that over the next 5 weeks we will only continue to dial in my best yet.

I never felt better going into a show. It’s no wonder I felt so damn good coming out of it.

Already was able to crush today and feel so much fire in my belly to be better because I want to achieve my goals and I just haven’t gotten where I want to yet.

This doesn’t mean I have any doubts I will though. I know my time will come.

For now, seeing these videos and photos is soooo rewarding because I felt much more relaxed, poised, and confident up there than my last show this season which is a win for me mentally and physically but I know I have much more to give. I received 4th in my open class & while i was hoping for more i know that i need to earn it & I respect the placing & am inspired to be better.

Thank you to those of you who came out to support and all of you who show love every day in this journey.

I have an amazing support in my family, Robbie, my gym crew, friends,
Team, and this entire community and so many of the amazing women i met backstage or at athletes meeting but didn’t get any pictures with- you all made this experience even more awesome.


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