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I think this story will be relatable for many competitors…

January 28, 20222 min read

 I think this story will be relatable for many competitors…

Feeling defeated post-show as you have fallen into binging, hating what you see in the mirror, feeling like you’ve “lost yourself”, and doubting your future as an athlete.

But I assure you it’s not the end for you.

Like this client here, you can achieve food freedom, let go of the all or nothing mentality, learn about yourself, embrace your body again, and reconnect to yourself.

Your life can change with one decision.

I’ve had people reach out to me, eager for change, hopeful for a better future, only to deny themselves of the help they know they need.

I understand it’s an investment of time, energy, effort, finances, and resources but the cost of not moving forward for yourself is usually far worse…

I find many people who have inquired about working with me in the past and opted not to, come back in the future, sign up, and regret not starting when they first reached out.

This is not to say it’s always the right time or circumstance for everyone but this is to say that you CAN experience change and that voice in your head or that feeling in your gut encouraging you to take action and trust that change is possible is worth listening to!

While I never make guarantees, because ultimately inner work is up to the individual, I know my process works.

With hundreds of people who have now gone through this program I have seen the power of even giving 60% effort let alone those that go above and beyond each day…

I know I can’t help everyone but the people who I can help and have had the absolute pleasure and opportunity to have been amazing and I’m so grateful to Valerie for sharing her experience in the program even months after completion.

It is stories like this and those of all my clients and members that remind me of the power of mental health in the bodybuilding community.

Every champion needs a champion mentality…


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can’t wait to support you in your journey ❤️🧠🫂💪🏻

Celeste Rains-Turk

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