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Intention behind Choices

December 01, 20222 min read

Intention behind Choices

Many people mistake freedom with a loss of control or discipline & often times people tell me they don’t trust themselves to make the “right” choice

But it’s all about intention…

With an intention aligned with your values, you can see the benefit to your choices, protocols, & commitments

It’s not so much about what you do or how you do it but WHY

Freedom = choice = autonomy = deeper consideration & mindfulness = increase in self-esteem

If we limit freedom, restrict choices, depend only on “shoulds” or what others tell us to do, & reduce awareness of choices then we become mindless

Most of the people I work with who do not trust themselves have not developed proof that they can, exist in autopilot or “robot” mode, & have not produced results without the strict guidance of someone else or a protocol

This is why some people think fall into the trap of yo-yo dieting or post show rebound to hopping into a prep to post-show rebound etc

We need to develop a level of trust, acceptance, commitment, and understanding for every action we take so that we may become more intentional

If we only do something because we were “told to” then we do not see the value or benefit in doing it

Much like holding the door for someone because we are taught to is not as likely to persist as a behavior but holding the door for someone because it is considerate of their presence, shows them someone cares, allows them to not worry about putting all their stuff down etc would be a more meaningful reason to do it and more motivating

When committing to any protocol I encourage you to consider:

1. Why am I really committing to this?

2. What are the benefits to this choice outside of aesthetics? (Or if it’s unrelated to physique you might say outside of money or status or title—-beyond the surface!)

3. How does this support me in the way I see myself & my life?

These questions can support maintaining autonomy and strengthen the connection between choices & values as well as reasons to sustain efforts outside of 1 goal

Restriction or pressure is not the same as discipline

Discipline with commitments you feel confident you can sustain or build the esteem to is much more important

Celeste Rains-Turk

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