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February 28, 20174 min read


Everything amazing in my life has been led by a feeling, discovered through feeling, or decided upon through feeling.
Everything less than amazing has been driven by thought, ego, or negativity.
I remember as a volleyball coach we used to tell the girls 'when you think, you stink'.
In ju jitsu I am told to let go of thought because my body already knows what to do.
When I eat I listen to my body's needs and trust that she knows what is going to sustain me.
In my business I am driven by high emotions and feelings. When it feels good I follow it. When it doesn't I drop it. So when I feel like working with someone I do. When I feel like hiring someone I do. When I feel like changing something I change it. Simple.
When I speak to my clients I don't think rapidly and crazy like. I trust that I already know what they need. I feel into their emotions and tap into the energy of which they are SEEKING to have then I provide this.
When I met Robbie it just felt right. And it still does. And I don't think it will ever feeeel wrong.
When I started lifting weights it felt proper that this become my passion.
When I prepped for my first show. It felt right.
When I wanted to do another show and stopped my show prep it was because it didn't feel right.
Now, I'm prepping because it feels right. It has been the MOST energized and excited I've been in a long time. I feel rejuvenated actually.
Every feeling I get leads to the action necessary, the positive choice, the right step.
It all just starts falling into place.
Because feeling is the gut reacting. 
Feeling is your souls choice. 
Feeling is first nature.
When we feel we have been conditioned to question it. 
As if we are 'not allowed to' just because it feels right. 
If I had listened to all the times people told me it wasn't enough to go off a feeling I guarantee I'd be no where near where I am now. 
It's almost as though we are being conditioned to think that 'feeling like' something is not allowed. And actually should be ridiculed.
God forbid you listen to your soul right? Ridiculous... ;)
Imagine a world where EVERYONE trusted their intuition, their soul, their gut. 
And then even more so, ACTED ON IT!
Wow. That would be beautiful.
I've been really expanding lately within myself and because of it I have been attracting other soul creators, followers, leaders, and seekers.
And let me just say, they are frikkin AMAZING.
Now imagine a world of the...
When you say or hear "I wish there were more people like you in the world" I want you to know IT IS POSSIBLE.
In fact, there IS a world of us out there.
Some of us are consistently shattering the ceiling of the demands placed on our soul. 
And others of us, 
Well, unfortunately some of the world is still stuck, lost, trapped, confined. 
Some are worse than others. 
But no one is actually broken or dead or useless. 
Our differences in imbalances of the soul message we have for the world is what true uniqueness looks like. 
Being unique is a part of you. Just by being YOU. No one else can do that.
When we can embrace the different journeys of all our souls and come together the world produces magic. If you want to call it 'magic'.
You are not meant to live this life outside of yourself. 
You are meant to literally live through yourself.
Because you are a soul. 
A badass soul might I add. 
And you have a responsibility on this earth to release your soul to the world daily. HOWEVER THAT LOOKS FOR YOU.
In order to do that though, you have to take care of the home in which your soul resides.
When you can do these things you can give the most valuable gift EVER to the world.
Your love. Your soul. Your energy.
Because the more love you have within, then the more love you can radiate out into the world and thus the more love you can receive.
I am thinking about running a 7 day Intuitive Living Course to truly help others know and trust the voice inside of them which allows them to live their most empowered, free, and healthy lifestyle.
I wanted to run this course for $97 but I'm thinking about doing it for free..
If you're committed to taking care of your soul, loving yourself more deeply, and trusting your intuition to live from your most free and empowered state of being then this is for you.
Comment below saying 'I TRUST THE POWER AND LOVE IN MY SOUL'
If I get enough people involved then I will run the course for free!
It's time we all commit to loving ourselves and our souls more deeply and make it clear to the universe how serious you are.
Are you in?

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