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Is all the discomfort worth it for the moments on stage?

October 28, 20212 min read

Is all the discomfort worth it for the moments on stage?

Naturally, I think most people who love the sport will say, yes of course

But to what extent are we willing to take it?

Some say they would die for this and some say that this IS their life and all they care about, but that’s not required to be successful—no matter how loud others yell about this..

Being successful, at anything, is about fulfilling the standards YOU create for success.

Becoming a champion does not require selling your soul.

I would not want to be a champion or to win if it meant I truly had to “sacrifice” everything else.

To me, the most fulfilling success is the kind which adds to other areas of life, demands me to grow, capitalizes on my strengths, and provides me with sustainability.

I will not give up my life for this sport.

I want you to know you really do not have to.

Yes, you need to:
-make it a lifestyle
-have a winning mentality
-be willing to reprioritize parts of your life
-expect challenges and rise to the occasion
-give your all when you show up and consistently seek ways to give more

I won’t sugar coat it and say you can achieve the life of another champion by doing what you’re doing now and not changing a thing, you’ll likely have to grow even if it’s just in how you remain consistent.

If you believe you have to give up your life in order to receive a title or an outcome, I believe you’re actually selling yourself short.

What if you chose to believe that to achieve a title or an outcome, you actually need to uplevel your life, increase efficiency, find ways to manage your mind, improve your health, focus on all domains of your being in a new way?

The all or nothing thinking can create resistance to achieving success because if you believe that to get where you want to go you have to give up everything you love, why would you truly want to pursue it? You won’t! You’ll likely self sabotage because of the resistance.

Change how you perceive the path to success and let this guide your actions. This will be a much more empowering and fulfilling journey than submitting to a pigeon holed view of becoming a champion…


Celeste Rains-Turk

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