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July 14, 20212 min read


I do not care if you are in prep or if your coach told you to or if you think it is okay every once in awhile. IT IS NOT HEALTHY TO JUSTIFY OVEREATING WITH MORE CARDIO AND RESTRICTING OF FOOD.

This is a very surface level solution to something that clearly needs to be addressed either on a psychological or physiological level.

I used to do this ALL THE TIME and it literally got me no where.

I forced myself into movement after eating anything, actually.

No wonder I was not gaining any muscle and was constantly binging!

I made it okay  to neglect the needs of my body and goals by having a  clean up  system.

If you make up for negative behavior you are telling yourself the behavior is fixable, tolerable, or not detrimental because there is always a resolution.

While you CAN choose to do extra or cut your food, just know you are setting yourself up for future sabotage.

More cardio leads to more hunger.
More hunger leads to more food fixation.
More food fixation can lead to overeating or binging.

Rinse And repeat.

While I understand where you are coming from, it is not going to help you in years to come.

When you justify anything once it only gets easier and easier to justify.

The chances are high you will continue to feel bad about overeating, question your ability to stick to your plan or goals, and run into the same issues over and over again.

Do not be that person.

Reflect on what happened and set a plan in place to prevent it in the future rather than trying to play clean up.

If you are struggling with this I have loads of resources for you from my free food relationship coaching series to the free post show program and the card deck and so much more.

See how I can help you at or dm me @celestial_fit ❤️

The best thing I ever did for myself was focus on healing my relationship with food, my body image, and my goals.


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