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It's not Bodybuilding's Fault

January 12, 20242 min read

Jaded competitors who use their personal experience to demonize & blame competing for everything even though their why, approach, attention to mental health before & during the prep, & exit strategy sucked; just bother me. 

Why? I was once a competitor who struggled with disordered eating & body image & became jaded post-show until I took personal responsibility for my decisions, approach, blind spots justification & avoidance patterns

Take responsibility, identify what happened instead of blaming the sport, & if you’re going to use research to prove your point/argument….PLEASE keep in mind that limitations of research are often that they’re evaluating behavior but not always evaluating for impact of that behavior on the person’s life or affect & many who participate aren’t representative of the numerous ways to approach this sport. It’s a lot of speculation even though we know competitors can exhibit behaviors that resemble those of their disordered eating counterparts, it does not mean they’re having the same psychological response

Blaming bodybuilding is the easy yet unhelpful thing to do

It does have its risks, but it’s your responsibility to manage the risks

Competing isn’t the solution for most. But it’s also not the problem. 

Your negative experience doesn’t call for you to demonize it for others

History, experiences, perceptions, & outlooks of each athlete can vary. As a national certified counselor, I consider it my responsibility to meet the client where they’re at

Imagine someone with an addiction going to a counselor saying “I have an addiction” & the counselor says “oh it’s because meth is addictive so just stop using meth”. or someone is in an abusive relationship & the counselor says “oh just break up with them” but completely disregards working with the client to their desired life🤦🏻‍♀️

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