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Jessica's Story to Overcoming Emotional Eating, Learning to Trust Herself Around Food, & Eliminating Anxiety of Overeating, Guilt, and the Up & Down Rollercoaster

May 05, 20202 min read

In this video, my client Jessica, shares her experience with finally overcoming the struggles she has faced with food for over 20 years.

Something really cool about her story is that she and I had been in contact with each other for awhile. Jessica waited a year to join this program and watching this video back was so cool because she strongly urges others to join as she reflects on how different her life would have been had she joined sooner.

Jess opens up about how frustrating it was to go through preps and improvement seasons with emotional eating that left her feeling totally out of control and lost.

One day she realized, she needed to do something about it for real because the things she tried before just weren't cutting it. She was so afraid to have food in her house, could not have just one bite of food without it turning into a complete all or nothing eating fest, and was constantly judging herself for the food she was eating.

Jess talks about how she was able to overcome years and years and years of problems from her life (not even just food related), tackle them, and finally find freedom. She discusses the impact this freedom with food and knowledge of herself has had on her life and relationships.

She shares how immediately she was able to become a silent observer of what felt like two different voices and identities in her head so she could learn from them and apply the principles within the program using my PTG process to step into a new version of herself that she always wanted to be.

Jess celebrates how she has been able to become the best person she has ever been without any stress around food, finally being able to feel normal around all foods, and having no attachment between food and emotions. The best part is, she can't even imagine ever going back to the way things were because her change has been that impactful.

She can listen to her body more, fuel her body better, and hasn't been punishing herself for eating, going off plan like crazy, or even forcing herself to do things out of judgement, fear, guilt, or shame.

Jess expresses that she has a better quality of life with the trust she has in herself, the understanding of her emotions, and the way she has been able to get to know herself even better.

Jess was able to end the emotional eating, release the control food had over her, and finally step into the person she always dreamed of being. "Do this program, you should have done it months ago but now you have the opportunity...I know that you're ready if you're watching this video so go do it"

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