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Kat's 180 Degree in her Relationship with Food that Empowered her to Trust Herself & Prep Again!

October 08, 20221 min read

Kat's no longer binging or struggling with trigger foods and has felt empowered to Prep again after completing the 5 week Food Healing and Relationship Journal Program

As a competitor, she struggled with reversing out of shows, she was binge eating, sneaking food, and struggled with trigger foods. There were foods she couldn't even keep in the house.

Once she did the free 8 Day program and experienced success, she knew she could make significant progress from the full 5 week program and absolutely did with the tailored approach considerate of her needs, experiences, and struggles!

Play the video to hear her story! 

She has been able to stop binging and now longer struggles with her trigger foods. 

She is now in a place where she can have a success prep and reverse again!

​Her relationship with food has made a "complete 180" and I could not be happier for her!!

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