Know Who you are & Release Irrational Fears of Failure

November 04, 20202 min read


Hunger doesn’t concern me since I’m an athlete who always follows her plan

The commitment to being the next-level version of myself is stronger than any desire for more food could be

I know I’m healthy nourished and taken care of by the coaches I trust

I am capable of resting to restore energy if needed

My mentality is not to avoid hunger but rather to embrace it when I need to

I remember that it is not something to be feared since It has never derailed me in a prep before

Why would that change now? Especially when I am mindful, conscious, following my best path, and self-aware

I have no reason to stress about tripping up on stage when I practice my posing every day

I am confident in my ability to present my best and do what I’ve practiced

Because I believe everything works out the way it’s meant to, I find peace in the process and the outcomes possible

Given I am someone who trusts herself, values growth, and thrives under pressure, I know I can handle more on my plate so bring it on; whatever it is or isn’t I’m prepared

These are some of the personal notes from my journal that I decided to share here because when we KNOW who we are & commit to the version of ourselves we are committed to showing up as our actions/results follow

I used to stress or get anxious over things that didn’t make real sense with consideration for who I am and how I show up every day

It takes consistent and conscious daily recognition of my goals, values, identity, belief, and reviewing proof of these truths to keep me moving onward and upward

All too often I see people get stuck in warped fears driven by what they’ve seen others do or what they have failed in in the past

But none of that is rooted in who you are NOW and who you are BECOMING

So, what irrational fears do you need to kiss goodbye? What do you need to remember about yourself to put you at ease? What proof do you have or are you committed to building through habits?

Keep it real with yourself and lead with your are FAR MORE CAPABLE than you know


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