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Knowledge is not Immunity

May 08, 20192 min read


Just because you know something isn’t ‘good’ for you doesn’t mean you know how to automatically stop entertaining it

If this were the case we would all be living a bit differently (Think of all your ‘guilty pleasures’)

We have extremely complex minds. No two of ours are exactly alike in fact. Which makes this whole thing even more interesting

You KNOW when you are doing something that you KNOW isn’t necessarily “right” for you

Having Knowledge can make a huge difference, don’t get me wrong!

So much of what I’ve learned has CHANGED my life

Of course, only when applied consistently & correctly over long periods of time

Often times we need someone else to guide us with their knowledge so ours doesn’t become skewed with the downfalls of our very protective & therefore sometimes misleading psyche

No matter how AMAZING you are at solving a problem, helping others with it or how educated you are in a subject


Coaches need coaches, therapists need therapists, doctors need doctors

It’s important to know that it’s OK to reach out for help, no matter who you are

Which means you too have to make a conscious choice every day to take positive steps in the direction of your dreams

All the knowledge in the world will not be enough to make you immune to the struggles that come from being human (I wish though)

Times when you know you need to dig deeper, your mind will try to stop you because it’s ‘not safe, efficient, or important’

Then there will be moments of “weakness” where you’re doing something that definitely doesn’t move you closer to your goals & your mind will convince you that it’s “ok” & will come up w/ many ways to justify the decision so It aligns with some belief you have to make you feel better about yourself (thx brain)

Then there’s times where you only have awareness of the problem but no knowledge or idea how to change it in which case getting help should be a non-negotiable

I love to help people get as close to immunity as possible through the application of my systems & solutions to their struggle so they not only resolve it now but also have an arsenal to address if it comes up again 

Want to see how we can work together to use mindset, self-love, and behavior change to make a lasting impact on your journey to achieving your goals?

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