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Late Night Snacking? Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen? Distracted by Thoughts of Food? There's Help!

March 24, 20201 min read


Struggling with staying out of the kitchen, eating all the snacks, and turning to food for comfort?

Has this been an ongoing problem or maybe something new which has surfaced since having no where to go or turn to being stuck at home?

I have received many messages from people struggling with these issues, and many not even listed, especially now

So I hosted a workshop on overcoming mindless eating and trusting yourself around food

If it’s something you want the replay of you can click here and register now

Once you do this you’ll be instantly directed to the replay of the video along with all the slides so you can have the action steps and methods at your fingertips

I’ll also email you the recording link so you can have it for life to revisit or watch at your own convenience!

Just visit:
register now!

I’ve received amazing feedback on it so far and hope you LOVE It too

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