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Law of Conservation of Energy

August 09, 20168 min read

*huge realizations I had around energy as I thought about why I believe everything is energy*
It states that, “energy cannot be created nor destroyed, rather it transforms from one form to another.” In science, we see things like chemical energy becoming kinetic energy.
Not only that, but anything without energy fueling it will not be able to fuel other things. Essentially, we are all being fueled by something, or we would not be able to tap into and use our own energy.
Here’s what is important to know though: EVERYTHING is energy.
There is no getting around this.
We are all forms of energy, mass is created through energy, energy comes in all forms.
There are all sorts; potential, kinetic, electromagnetic, and radiant. The amazing thing is that we have all of it. There are so many take aways that can come of this idea and it has really lit a fire in me to share with you—a PURE energy exchange and flow with this post...
Because energy is not created it means that everything we have right now is everything we will ever have. Because energy cannot be destroyed it means that we will never be limited or in scarcity.
So why do we tend to believe we will be without? 
Why do we tend to believe others are in excess?
When in truth, there is so much energy around us. Even our thoughts are energy. Anything we put our energy into we receive more of.
Why? Because when we focus on something we find more of it.
Have you ever wanted a certain car and then you research it and then all of a sudden you start seeing that car everywhere? You can do the same for your life.
You can choose to focus on things like abundance; health, wealth, love, support and the universe WILL deliver.
Here’s another thing to consider about energy; You have alllllll the energy you could possibly need within you.
Considering the multiple forms and types of energy it is our job to choose to release the form we so desire to receive.
Think about a rubber band being stretched, that is elastic energy and that also makes it potential energy. It does not possess kinetic energy until it is released.
So, let’s consider this, you have a LOT of potential energy in you, when you choose to release, it changes, you change.
Let’s also consider the energy which is influential in creating our life. We literally always have the power to choose our life. We can choose to have abundance and positivity or we can choose not to. But it is all a choice; it is not anyone else’s decision but our own.
So, when we consider this, it is easy to limit our beliefs isn’t it?
We can believe that reaching our goals is hard, or feeling happy is difficult, or being motivated is nearly impossible. We can also believe the opposite is true.
Knowing that either belief does NOT change the actual amount of energy in your life, or the universe as a whole, but only the type of energy you have in your life, ask yourself, “What do I choose to believe?”
Here’s the thing, energy does not just show up, it is literally always here.
You have the power to choose what happens with it.
Not all things have the energy you desire until you give it to them.
It is like paying for something you don’t want to pay for and it feels so horrible, compared to paying for that amazing coach, item, or event you have always wanted to have, that feels frikkin fantastic—that is energy.
Even when receiving things the energy we have behind it is a choice.
Let’s say you have this goal, maybe it is to start a business, or have a family, or find your soulmate, or lose fat, or gain muscle, or feel confident, or make money, or whatever it may be; you have to decide what energy you put in.
Because the energy you put in is the energy of which you will get out.
{Visualize this next bit}
So, picture this, you are sitting in front of this huge machine, But you are sitting there and there is this sign on the left that says “Insert Energy Here” and a sign on the left that says “Receive Here” and imagine you have your goal sitting inside of the machine okay?
So you are just looking at it and in the room you see two baskets. One has balls of energy labeled “positive” and one which has some labeled “negative”. And you now have a choice to make. 
So you stand up and you decide to put the negative energy into it because well your identity says so.
And then the machine starts smoking and you start freaking out and you have no idea how this could happen I mean really?! Now you are thinking to yourself, as you put more negativity in, omg self,
You LOVE your goal don’t you? 
Don’t you want it bad enough? 
Why are you putting this negative energy into it? 
Why do you keep picking up more negative balls of energy? 
Put them down. 
And then the machine starts making all these weird noises and nothing has come out of the “Receive Here” side yet… Except for some smoke and a little bit of dust and random little things that are not at all what you envisioned.
You look in your negative energy bin and realize, holy shit, the energy is all just floating their it won’t go away, it won’t give me more, it is just frikkin’ there and I can’t get rid of it and I can’t create more of it it is all just frikkin’ thereeeee!!
So you turn to your positive basket of energy, and you are in so much need, you have such a deep desire, you want this frikkin’ goal to come true so you use the energy which is within you, you light that fire, you make your potential become kinetic and you pick that basket up and you pour positive energy into the “Insert” side and all of a sudden…
The machine stops smoking
It stops making loud noises
It stops fumbling around
It stops banging
It starts to generate…
You realize you have no way to make more energy but you can generate the outcome, oh man can you generate the outcome!
Look at this flow, look at this, consider it done, you can already feel it, you know this Is going to be kick ass and match your vision, shit it may even surpass your vision with all this positive energy, 
Through giving and giving you keep tipping the basket over the insert side, energy ball, after energy ball,
after… after… after… BOOM,
the “Receive” FINALLY lights up, you run over, and out pops your beautifully, hand finished accomplished goal.
You’ve started the business, or you have lost the weight, or you have gained the muscle, or you have started a family, or you have hired that coach, or you are finally feeling more confident in your skin.
And the machine starts repeating, “Endless Opportunities to Energize, Endless Opportunities to Energize, Choose your Energy, Choose your life, Endless Opportunities to Energize”
So you put your goal, or even your new goals back in and you do it all over again, but this time, with all the positive energy in the world and as you put more in you get more out and here it all comes…
10 fold
20 fold
30 fold
Holy moly, is this real? 
Is all of this energy really doing this?!
yes yes yes it is!
THAT was the moment…
The moment you realized that even though you could not create this energy from thin air, even though you could never destroy the negative energy being there, you could make the choice, and you did, and you did again, and you did again.
You always have the choice to decide what kind of life you want, what kind of energy you want, what kind of results you want.
All that shit may be there directly, or all that negative energy may be in the world or the universe, But you, my friend, have energy within you that NEEDS to be released.
You are the only one who chooses how it is released, what becomes of it, and what it does for you.
So today, and every day, I challenge you to ask yourself, “What energy did I choose today?”, “What energy does this need?” “What energy must I have to achieve x?” “What energy did I use when xyz?”
If you are ready to step into your best energy, and finally receive the results you have so desired, and truly step into the space of abundance and total ability to have exactly what you want.
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All you really need to decide is, what energy will you put into yourself today, and what energy do you choose to have in your life moving forward?
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