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Learning to Enjoy the Fruits of My Labor

September 09, 20202 min read


I find it so easy to just work work work and focus so much on growing, expanding, improving... But I need to remember to PAUSE, BE PRESENT, & ENJOY THE FRUITS OF MY LABOR

Between clients, school, business development, my podcast, prep, & everything else life brings I tend to get caught up in always “getting ahead” or staying ahead because then I can “chill later” but it’s a fallacy I’ve made in my mind

I don’t always take advantage of the time I’ve created for myself

I often just find more to do, get carried away by ideas & inspiration, or justify why I shouldn’t plan something or do something outside of the norm of my day to day

The good news is I love everything I do in my life and day to day so its great to have a lifestyle I love & be surrounded by so many great people & opportunities

But at what point am I just working & working to work?

I find I am able to fulfill my values of freedom, impact, and love EVERY DAY because I’ve built this life of choices & abundance & passion & amazing people

I don’t always “need” to find it elsewhere. I don’t question how much I do each day because it’s natural for me & my passion

I love learning more about psychology, counseling, competing, business, etc

I love dedicating time to my clients

I love competing

I love writing blogs, captions, & making content

I love prepping episodes & hosting my podcast

I love all the people in my life so don’t often go out of my way to find more haha

I just am so full of love internally & receive lots of fulfillment externally

But I deserve to feel freedom and love and impact outside of my work even though work doesn’t feel like work all the time

Riding the bike around San Diego really reminded me of this & now I’ve gotten really excited about all the competing & truly making weekend “vacations” out of it & taking in LIFE & LIVING

I do things for myself daily but much of it is habitual / ritual

I also want to tap into my spontaneous adventurous side that LOVES travel & new experiences

Have you ever struggled with pressing pause in order to “play”? Especially when you love your life & aren’t trying to “escape”?


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