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Lesson from Dad

April 29, 20211 min read


Sent my dad off to his new home in South Carolina this morning!

Grateful to have been attached at his hip since I was born. My dad is the greatest man I’ve known.

He has taught me many of the most valuable lessons of my life. He taught me to go after what I love, always follow through, overdeliver, take risks, and be prepared to pivot (among many others).

I feel so blessed to know I’ve always had and always will have his support.

My dad has always given me unconditional time, energy, and support.

He has been a positive example for me my entire life and I look up to him!

I’m so sad to see him go but also very happy for him. I’ll miss him, our walks, hikes, weirdness, very interesting and in depth talks, and various shenanigans.

It is so hard for me to be so far from my dad and sister but I also know the closeness and communication won’t just stop and my commitment to upholding the value of love in my life will persist.

Life is going to be sooo full of adventures and this is just one for us all!

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