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July 10, 20192 min read


It’s been a minute since I said “hi” on here and really just shared a bit about who I am behind the internet 

Thought I’d shared some new things & some things I’ve not shared just for fun

Would ❤️ to learn something about you too! Comment below for fun😍

🗒My mission is to help people build more than just a body. I didn’t pull this mission out of thin air though it really came from my own personal struggles & it continues to evolve beautifully

🧠I earned my bachelors degree in psychology and focused most of my studies on disordered eating, self-affect, body image, mindfulness, and other related topics

🧠I earned my associates in science degree and studied dietetics for a year but knew my passion was not in telling people HOW to eat

🧠I’ve always been a NASM certified personal trainer & my business started as strictly online training 4+ years ago & has changed since then

All of this education really helps me serve my clients at a high level & I don’t regret getting my college degree even though I live in the generation of “just run your own business, college is a waste of money” it’s NOT if you spend it on the things that inspire you & can impact others

🦋I used to be very depressed & this gave me anxiety. But now I rarely experience depression, anxiety, or suicidal ideation

👫I’ve had more boyfriends than I’d like to admit over the years for many different reasons but then I found my person Robbie Robbins & it’s been 4 years of amazingness

💪🏻Competing didn’t bring me the lifestyle, the lifestyle brought me competing

😻I crushed hard on Steven Tyler & Aerosmith is my fav🤘🏻

😳 I would rather have a horrible period every cycle for the rest of my life than none at all

Almost a year ago I was told I was basically in menopause, I was 21

I cried for hours on end over multiple days thinking I would not be able to have kids one day

Dr.s told me I had to take birth control like my life depended on it. Well, it made me suicidal, I threw it away & I got my period on my own a few months later & now am on my 6th consecutive month❤️🥳

🥤I haven’t had soda in over a decade

Tell me something about you!⬇️

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