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Live by your Own Standards

October 17, 20222 min read

Live by your Own Standards

If you do not create standards to live by, you’ll either exist according to the standards and expectations of others or you will exist in chaos and experience feelings of being lost, doubtful, confused, stressed, like your spinning your wheels, and probably in constant comparison mode

Standards give you something to aim for which is important for us since people thrive off of striving more than they do off of attainment

If you aim at something meaningless to you, you’re not going to be inspired to hit that mark, if you aim at something meaningful, the aiming and work will feel effortless

But people will hold themselves to perceived standards of others’ lifestyle & values instead of their own which is problematic

This creates a life of “should” instead of choice

I don’t think everything needs to feel easy or be without work and challenge, because where is the growth in that?

But how we choose to challenge ourselves and what we work toward with our energy and effort, is more fulfilling when it is something we see as worthwhile

For example, it may be painful to challenge the way you think by exploring the past or uncomfortable seeing your body change or it’s scary to trust again after being hurt

But when you see the benefit in committing to those things knowing the person you become in doing so or the person you have to be in order to actually execute on the process and you are inspired by the result, then you GO FOR IT despite the pain and out of respect for yourself & your wants!

If we don’t know why we do things or what purpose there is in the execution, then it is more likely to be short lived

But people who drop timelines & are clear in their process & prioritize it above all else, they will have the longevity to succeed & have consistent fulfillment because they’ll be ever evolving and pushing themselves to new levels for their own journey rather than constantly trying to be like someone else or emulate a version of them which they do not believe can exist without extreme suffering or loss

You have to want the work that comes with the desired result & be realistic in the standards you hold yourself to as you progress


Celeste Rains-Turk

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