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How Can you be Better?

October 05, 20222 min read

When you are an athlete in this sport, there is no ‘end’, no ‘good enough’, there is always a better

Sure you can be good, then great & maybe as # 1, but at the top you’ll have more targets on your back

Recognize that as a competitor, you are more likely to judge yourself, your body, & your ability + potential

You have to expect this because you compete on stage in front of judges whose job it is to do the best they can in picking the athlete who most represents the criteria outlined to meet the standards of the division

So when you come close, or place dead last, or even when you win, champions always ask, ‘but, how can I be better?’

Sometimes to my own detriment, I forget that I was once a high school girl who just wanted to be a better athlete, to love herself, to feel confident in her own skin, to overcome her battles with depression, suicidal ideations, anxiety, & eventually...disordered eating which originally began as a way to try & control the aforementioned struggles

Every day I  think of how I will grow, whether I will meet the criteria, & what I can do to be better so next time I am on stage I have not just improved but also ticked the boxes regardless of who else shows up

I also consider my values....what does it mean for me to compete & pursue growth while also satisfying my values of freedom, impact, & love?

I have a deep love & respect for the demands of the sport that I believe, has allowed me to stay patient & prioritize the process with emphasis on longevity

There’s a pull on my heart strings when I look back

I can remember the pain, limiting beliefs, doubt, worry, & the HOPE of the younger version of me...I don’t take the time to connect with her enough

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be who I am now

She showed up when she was at her worst in hopes of one day being a fraction of the woman I see myself as now

THAT is powerful to me
THAT is why I prioritize mental health, fulfillment, longevity, & peace through growth in this sport
THAT is why the mission of #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODYwas born in 2015... to show people that you can pursue your goals WHILE improving & maintaining your mental health

Celeste Rains-Turk

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