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Living it Up in Arizona!

October 18, 20212 min read


When I committed to move to Arizona for a year for my internship, I told myself to treat it like it was the only year I’d get to have here.

I want to make the most of it “while I’m here” and what I’m realizing is that the more I do this, the more I want to stay!

I didn’t realize how much AZ has to offer but now that I am, I’m even more grateful to be here.

I could see myself living in and exploring other places too but I really am loving this state so much and it’s much more free and a different energy than Cali🇺🇸🙌🏻

I committed to adventuring and I’m so glad I have and am :)

Do you like seeing my lil travel / exploration stuff? I think it’s cool!

These pics are from Flagstaff’s Snowbowl. I hiked just under the start of Humphrey’s peak trail. I didn’t realize that’s the highest peak in all of AZ, maybe I should attempt it in the future!

I like being a tourist where I live🥲

Ps yes that is pepper spray on my back pack. I used to leave it in a pocket until a friend of mine and I got stalked by a man on an out and back trail which is when I moved it to the front🤣 I also have lots of self-defense skills which give me more confidence than pepper spray tbh. Not many people know I got my blue belt in jujitsu. I used to wake up before highschool, go train out of my sensei garage, go to school, then sometimes grapple more in the afternoon and gree with him into all his studios. He taught me so much and I eventually loved more than the combat defense work and got into rolling. But I stopped because I was rolling usually with huge men which was great for my confidence but not great on my body lol. Ju jitsu pain is different pain than anything else! I could tell many stories but eventually i gave it up. I miss it but I'm glad it gave me so much confidence to navigate the world alone! Let’s hope I don’t have to use it😆

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