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Love the Work

June 18, 20221 min read

 Love the Work

It’s inevitable to me that if a person loves the proper and consistent execution of something they’ve set their sights on and are aiming towards that they’ll eventually get where they’d like to be.

Regardless of circumstance or challenges or success along the way, the work becomes so meaningful and life giving that the vision evolves with you.

Instead of asking yourself what you want to achieve you might ask yourself what happens to you and your life when you achieve it?

The answer to this question can reveal resistance, motivators, and can give you insight into what energy could be embodied now to support the daily commitment to the dream.

It will be so engrained in you to show up that even though it may not be tangible, it’s presence will be known.

This is especially true for those of us who are always going after the next goal and the next goal.

By instead celebrating how we want to feel and who we become and what is made of our life, we can pay attention and notice signals that it’s happening as validation of our work above anything we hold with our hands.

I truly don’t know if there’s anything that’s made me happier or more content and at peace then pursuing a vision and feelings it’s presence so deep within me that I have no reason not to keep saying yes to what’s required to “get there” because in my mind and to my body, the experience of the pursuit is more consuming and enticing than any other experience.

The Intangibles like love and passion or peace truly transcend what we can touch with our hands or see with our eyes.


Celeste Rains-Turk

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