Love your Body in all Seasons

October 21, 20212 min read


It makes me sad when competitors say they only love their prep body.

In prep you’re usually in a calorie deficit, uncomfortable, tired, and busy with all things cardio lifting and meals.

This doesn’t change drastically into an improvement season but when you have more food, less cardio, more time, more flexibility, it makes a difference in how you feel.

I have learned to love my improvement season body because I live in her more than my prep body.

Sometimes it’s really uncomfortable, of course, but when you’re playing the long game, you have to be willing to feel that way.

I have come to love my body more and more because I respect her.

I respect that my body needs space to breathe and recover and grow.

I respect that this sport is not about who can stay the leanest the longest, it’s about who can bring what the judges are looking for and stand out against everyone else on stage.

I respect that I was too small at my last show, I don’t have the density and maturity others do, I need time.

Because I respect these things, I have been able to embrace the necessary changes.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in having “the look” but I remind myself that I’ll get “there” eventually, but now is still a season for growth and improvement.

If I only loved my body on prep it would mean I wouldn’t get as much out of my improvement seasons because if you don’t love yourself, you’ll be less likely to take the actions necessary for yourself to improve or change.

I don’t need to see alllllll the lines year round to know I’m an athlete. I’m an athlete regardless. I show up for myself, execute the plan, communicate my needs, and honor my body.

I found validation in my efforts and my soul more than the body which allows me to excel.

I can recognize where there’s room for more growth too & my efforts are supported by my gratitude for my body & this journey.

When people message me saying they are so grateful I “post photos like this” or “looking like that” It used to kinda bother me but then I realized overtime that by me showing my body in all stages & phases, others are more comfortable with their own changing body.

Take pride in your efforts all year & #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY 🧠

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